Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Though autumn in Hawaii is much different from the midwest, it does bring a little bit of change.  I will stress the little bit because we had another heat wave and lots of humidity.  However, the first day of fall there was a bit of a breeze back in the air and I rejoiced.  It isn't the same without out he crisp leaves and that bit of chill in the air...that we miss.  Fall brought lots of change in our house, though.  Hans turned a year older, but wiser.  Sam and Zeke had a lot going on with our Classical Conversations home school community with field trips to a garden, a pumpkin patch, and horse rescue, we studied vertebrates and invertebrates, dissected a crayfish, and worked hard to finish up the first half of our semester.  Our wonderful friends, the Kiernans came.  All six of them.  We had a full house, but a lot of fun.  For a week we toured around with them and enjoyed more of the island. 

October brought change inside the house as the much anticipated Halloween decor and costumes came out.  Hans loves this holiday and the fun of scaring people.  Our boys enjoy it just as much.  Hans and I worked to finish up Sam's Halloween costume, the Lego guy, Emmet.  It turned out awesome!  In addition to Emmet, we had a cowboy, and a little black cat.  G turned 8 months in October.  This baby time is going too fast. 

For November, thus far, the boys finished up the second half of their first semester of Classical Conversations.  Lots of photo editing and finishing up photos from a few sessions.  We have had a lot of outside play with the nice weather, a lot of dramatic play, and excitement looming for the holidays and our many visitors to come.  Here is a recap in photos of some of our going ons.

celebrating daddy's birthday.

The Kiernans and a bit of our fun....a luau, a hike to a waterfall, Diamond Head, and many beaches.

Hans and I ran a "zombie" run

Monday, November 23, 2015

Gabrielle Nancy Baptized

I forgot to add pictures of Gabby's big day in my previous post.  As I mentioned in the previous post, we were beyond blessed to be back in Iowa and surrounding with family and friends to help celebrate Gabrielle's baptism day and to have her Papa there to baptize her.  Here are a few photos from that day.  She was absolutely mesmerized by her Papa talking to her during the baptism.  She wore my baptism gown and the white garment that both boys wore (which my mom made from my wedding dress).

Monday, October 19, 2015

A Blast

This title has a double meaning.  Here is a gigantic blast of updates and life has really been a blast since I last posted.  It has been five months!  In those five months we traveled back to Iowa (a.k.a. the mainland as we island folks refer to it) and the kids and I spent two months back home.  Hans was at training for the first month and then spent the last month with us there.  We were so incredibly blessed to be in Iowa for Hans' brother's wedding, my baby sister's graduation, visits with so many friends we miss, catching up with family, and celebrating Miss G's baptism with family surrounding us and celebrating Rosemary's baptism.  Of course we had to fit in a visit to Horsepower farm, too.  Spending time back in Iowa is always bittersweet.  It is a gentle reminder of the little things that really matter and how the simplest things (like a slice of Happy Joe's Pizza, swinging at Allison Henderson park (there are no swings here), sitting on my parents couch, seeing lightening bugs, driving for miles with nothing but cornfields around..) bring us such joy.  Being in the military has created so many opportunities for us, but it has also kept us longing for stability and a permanent home.  Iowa is always home in our heart, because we know it is a place we are always welcomed back to. 

Lucky for us we were able to bring a little bit of Iowa back to Hawaii with us.  In July we flew back to the island and my sister, Makenzie, came with.  Talk about a nice end to a summer...a month in Hawaii.  July was spent unpacking (for those who have traveled far with children, you understand how this process takes a bit of time), getting back in our routine, and traveling around to different beaches.  Zeke surfed for the first time and Sam also surfed again.  We are so blessed to be able to participate in AccesSurf, an incredible program that works to get anyone, regardless of ability, out on a surf board.  July was also hot, but little did I know August would be much, much warmer.

August was HOT!  Growing up in Iowa I am use to hot and humid summers, but that does not mean I like them.  The boys were in the thick of a soccer season and Saturday mornings at the field were like sitting in a sauna.  They had a lot of fun and we could really see their skills improving.  The boys and I started up our school year in August and I crammed to get school organized.  A lesson was not wait until August to plan for a new school year.  Zeke started another year of preschool and Sam is officially a first grader.  Miss G turned 6 months in August.  That time went so fast. 

Zeke turned 4 in September!  He still thinks his 3rd birthday was the best since we were in a hotel.  For his birthday we ate in the kitchen at an Italian restaurant and were able to see the cooks in action while we dined.  This boy is our busy body, so you can only imagine how many laps he has done in our driveway in his new power wheel Jeep.  His driving is a bit wreckless, so I suggest you keep your distance.  

Sam lost his top middle teeth on Zeke's birthday.  He is looking so grown up with those adult teeth poking through.  I have dreaded the loss of these teeth, it was the last of the little boy look left. He is still enjoys legos and books.  Most afternoons while his sibling rest you will find him listening to a book tape and playing with legos. 

Miss G is 7 months old (going on 8 months) and is rolling and scooting  all over.  She is a screamer and her giggle is absolutely adorable.  She is loving her solid food now.  We all love on her daily and can't get enough of that sweet face.  She is Z's Honey Pie and Sam's cuddle bug.  She is growing way too fast.

We just finished up our fall break and the kids and I made our way to a few beaches, parks, and local attractions.  Last week was Hans' birthday and we celebrated with our own version of Loco Moco and pumpkin torte, both of which we highly recommend.  The cards the boys made for their dad were adorable.  Now we are gearing up for a string of visitors which will make the next few months extra busy, but extra special.  Maybe next time it won't be so long before I update...maybe.

Flying solo with kids looks something like this.

Yes, 60 degree weather was cold for us when we arrived in Iowa.

Celebrating Mak's graduation.  The baby of my family is all grown up.

Horsepower Farm.  They are still talking about the farm and what they want to do when we go back again.

Hans brother Caleb and his beautiful wife, Rachel, on their big day.

Our god-daughter Miss Rosemary on her baptism day.

A once a year picture is a must.

Getting Maks around the island.

Every childhood needs a slip n' slide.

 Here is our Miss G and how she has changed and grown over the last few months.  Cuteness overload!

Our babes definitely look alike!

I have yet to upload pics from this handsome guy's birthday, but here is a recent picture of him with our sweet girl.  Yep, no dating until she is 30 per her daddy.